MKE10 | Super Hero Complex

Automatic strength. The kind I don’t have to negotiate with my body – or my mind -for…I simply will it, on demand. Endless reservoirs of back up power, available at the blink of an eye.

This is the strong me. The kind of ‘lift-a-car-off-your-kid’ in an emergency kind of innate strength. Not a front, rather truly a part of who I am. While this strength has proven to be available, yet completely exhausting. Calling upon this strength comes with a huge cost – it requires at least 4x the energy expended in order to recover.

In times like this, I find it helpful to remember that This Too Shall Pass.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had to do it all. My independence streak runs deep. For better, or for worse. Won’t bore you with the details – and I certainly don’t want pity…

Rough childhood would be putting it mildly. Raised my sisters since elementary school. Moved out at 13. Raised my son since I myself, was a child. Working to pay bills. Paying bills instead of being alive. Its become a really bad habit – putting myself second to everything.

Keeping busy being busy. Jumping around wearing so many hats – and I’m not sure exactly why anymore.

So now, I’ve got myself strung so tight…I’ve got this big house that no one can be bothered to help me with. Trying to complete a University degree [failing, quite miserably]. While working way too much because one income simply isn’t enough to maintain a lifestyle – not an overly grandiose or pretentious one either – simply a roof, some food and a vehicle.

There's no way I was born to just pay bills and die

During a temporary lapse in sanity this Spring, I adopted two adorable puppy-brothers (super glad I did though) because they provide enduring Happiness as I deal with the burdens of everyday life.

While slogging through year eight of an exhausting civil-legal following an MVA, which, now forces me to endure chronic, daily, lower body pain – for which, I take extensive pain killers [prescribed, of course]. When those don’t cut it, I get to choose between quarterly cortisone injections, or perhaps medical marijuana in order to be able to walk, to sit, to drive, to sleep…to function without numb fingers or a stabbing pain from my left buttock down to the bottom of my toes. So many exciting options.

As an added bonus, I also have Acne. And Grey hair. Neither are fun, but seeing Sara giggle because she thinks it’s hilarious lifts my spirits. But let’s get serious…teenagers – either awesome or horrible. Not much middle ground there. Somewhere in there…all the house stuff (groceries, banking, Christmas cards, etc.). So, unfortunately, it goes without saying that I don’t often ask for help. Even when people offer help, I’m apt to thank them profusely, then politely decline. Insistently. To a fault.

Stubborn pride…

This is my weakness – which I’ve been [not-so-cleverly] parading around as strength.

I’m learning [the hard way] that what I have perceived as strength for a really long time, is actually my kryptonite.


Thought I’d share that in an effort to spare a you the trouble…

Avoidance is not a strategy, FYI.

When my ‘f^*k-it-bucket’ quota breaches the brim, I shut everything down…finding solace in the darkness and reprieve in the quiet. If I’ve shut you out at some point, been a bad friend and not called, not responded or reached out – I apologize…it’s a glitch in my auto-response, and I’m – finally – aware of it. Thankfully. But perhaps more importantly, I see a way to change it.

ENTER: FORGETFULNESS [usually hangs out with STRESS]

I can go days and totally forget things. We’re talking urgent things. The more I stack on my plate, the worse it gets. Forgetful. Then stressed. Or stressed. Then forgetful. As if the sequence of events matters – they come as a package deal – and collectively, they’re a ticking time bomb.

Money is – unfortunately – the King of my castle; holding my sanity and dreams prisoner.

If the Prince represents the KEY to achieving the life I KNOW I was born to live…unfolding all the answers and solutions to what’s been holding me back…

And the Damsel in Distress represents my oh-so-coveted Autonomy and Legacy…

… then …

The busy things I’ve been filling my life with represent the Vigilant Dragon, guarding who the Castle Keep. Sadly, I am the Dragon.


Sometimes I find life extremely overwhelming – but when I stop and really observe what’s going on…take a mental inventory of all the moving parts.

My next breakthrough is only slightly out of reach, sitting precariously perched atop the pivot-point of the Teeter-Totter of life…the irony of it all…

…is that my weight is on both sides.

What I have done in the past weighs on the low end, versus what I need to do to move forward and bring about new results on the other.

I realize that at the exact moment when I recognize the overwhelm – when I’m about to admit defeat…that very moment is in fact the fulcrum…

…whether I choose to concede and continue hammering out rock solid, gold metal worthy projects for someone else…or…persist until I succeed…and work as hard for myself as I do for other people.



This one I need to negotiate with myself in order draw it out. This is for sure not in my DNA – but I promise you I am trying to write it into my code because I recognize the tremendous power of it all.

When my Greatness begins to shine is exactly when Resistance – the Universal Dream Stealer – throws more obstacles into my path. Relentlessly. Fortunately, I am both knowledgeable and wise when it comes to these old tricks – because I analyze when things seem insurmountable, I can easily recognize patterns.

Over the years, the lessons have proven – again and again – that it truly is darkest before dawn, yet when it seems all light has been extinguished, a flicker still remains – found within the innate strength we talked about earlier.

This is confirmation from the Universe that I’m doing the right things to attract Autonomy and Legacy, verifying I’m on the right path. Because as we determined earlier, it’s always darkest before dawn, and I can say with confidence that the Sun is always shining in my world, so it’s this magical decision between old and new, between stuck and free, between my past and my future – this simple decision is where the magic happens!!

The warrior within takes the lead and carries on. Paying no heed to the crippling circumstance, blissfully ignorant to the seemingly insurmountable odds, instead – like a champion – ploughing through the obstacle course of life…reliable…relentless…victorious. This is one facet of my Valkyrie.


Running around doing all the stuff that isn’t moving me closer to my goals and all I want to be doing is building a secret business watching Tracey suffer a yes or no true residual income meanwhile I’m going to work showing condos my daughters at home contemplating suicide and I’m driving all around and doing all the work and completely neglecting my house and my myself my daughter I’m not there I’m not present as a parent and making somebody else rich doing it.

Enough. This is how I feel about my ability to push through – *Facing the Giants | Death Crawl Scene*

It’s my turn now. I’m going to affix my own mask – or I will be unable to help others achieve their own greatness…not on my back, rather by my side.

Theory that people need identity outside of parent only or kids move out and they go crazy. So what kind of super hero have you been facading as? I REALIZED I don’t need to choose just one response – I simply need to control the extenuating circumstances in my life so that all of my strong suits can operate harmoniously.

I am whole, harmonious, peaceful, happy, humble, caring and kind.

Love Letter From My Future Self

Hey girl, slow down for a second…

I know that you overthink things so this is a reminder from your future self that it’s all going to be alright. Read it often.

Despite some pretty major challenges you’ve managed to wear a smile every damn day, and hey, that’s a victory, right!!! Celebrate that you’re on your way to mastering the world within.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Trust that things will work out. Remember your greatness. The world needs what you have inside you – so wear your happiness like a badge of honour. Embracing your best self shows others how to embrace theirs as well. The world will become a better place as a result.

you are your only limit

I LOVE you. You’ve got this. Keep going.

Whatever you’re doing…stop, right now! Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take another breath, but this time, try to not let your chest rise – instead, breathe deeply from your abdomen. Take another breath. And another. Clear your mind. When you’re ready, open your eyes. Look around you. Do you see nature? Go outside and embrace the feeling of the sunshine on your skin. Go touch the leaves. Smell a flower. Listen to the birds sing. Play in the snow. Enjoy the fresh air. Breathe. Be.

Take another deep breath. Ground yourself. Think objectively. Smile. Your eyes dance when you get fired up…let it all out!

The Compass

I’m sure you’ve got a lot going on right now, and that’s good…just don’t lose track of what’s important, what’s worth making time for. Spend time with people you love. That’s first and foremost, always. Hang out with your mom as much as possible, words cannot describe what she has done for you over the years. Also, eat a cookie once in a while.

Some stuff is going to happen to you. You won’t be able to plan for it, fit it into your schedule, or always have someone pick up the phone to guide you through it. You’re going to have to just rely on your intuition, the insights will come. Remember to go with the flow, take it all in…glean lessons from it. Find the positive in every experience in life. You’ve got this.

Trust in yourself. Trust of yourself.

You know how to carry on…hold your head high, shoulders back, you’re ready to take on the world again. Know that whatever decision you made, it was the right one. You’re here now, and you’re exactly where you need to be. Focus on that.

Everything that has happened has lead you to this moment. Don’t try to change anything. Things have worked out exactly as it should be. All the puzzle pieces fit, all the paths will align. All the people were meant to be. All the successes and failures and heartwarming and heartbreaking moments were all worth it. No regrets.

Please never stop holding on to HOPE. It will, at times, cause you pain, but it will also help you get through. I even hope you’re still naively optimistic about the world, if only because it’s better to have a bright outlook than spend the rest of life wallowing in cynicism. You are an ambassador of HOPE…people admire you and it’s important that you keep telling your stories and letting your light shine.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.39.23 AM

You know what? I even want you to go through more hardships and struggles because the hardships make us learn and grow, not only about the world and other people, but about yourself as well. They turn us into a stronger and better person, and the adversities we overcome oftentimes become our best testimonies.

I’m sure you’ll figure out a few more things along the way, and I hope you keep asking questions. Lots of them. Your light shines brightly and I hope you hold that close to your heart…don’t let situations, or people for that matter, get you down or shake your purpose.

As you continue to age, you’ll become even more phenomenal. Remember, the goal is to celebrate turning 100 (at least). Take a bite of something delicious and savor every moment. Enjoy what you have in each present moment. Just because it passes doesn’t mean it wasn’t powerful or important. And you’re not silly for believing in it…enjoy every experience. Your eternal optimism and enthusiasm are contagious.

The Magnifying Glass

You learned what love really means and the lengths to which friendship can be tested (and lost). You learned how to treat your body well, and how to honor those around you. Don’t ever settle for the easy way—actually, don’t settle, period! Life is too short. ENJOY IT. ALL OF IT. Really embrace your greatness.

You will have enough time to do everything that you love. Be here now. Hug those around you. Ask them how they are doing, and lock eyes with them as they tell you…truly listen. Be present. Don’t be so busy searching for clues that you miss all the signs. The inexplicable sensation of true connection and understanding is the best feeling in the entire world. You’ve got a lot of time. Your to-do list can wait.

Here’s a reminder of what you already know to be true…

Money is just a number. It comes and it goes. Love is the true currency.

Be who you are and who you want to be. Be the best you. Be gentle with yourself. Be messy sometimes. Let it all go. Embrace what you’re learning and cherish your experiences because they are divinely fated, truly. You were and are, have been and always will be yourself, and that is what matters above all.

Tell your children you love them…a lot. They are incredible humans and deserve to hear your praise, and often. You’ve raised your kids right, spent time with them, taught them how to properly shake someone’s hand. You’ve instilled values in them, helped them set goals (both lofty and reasonable), and provided them with experiences, insight and have role-modelled to them the life skills to keep their moral compasses on the straight and narrow. Trust that time will continue to massage their personalities and believe that above all else, they love you.

What YOU Focus on Expands

I promise to remain diligent and focused on designing my life so that I can…

Dream Bigger, because BIG dreams have more magic.


Travel the world with Mike + Sara, paid for by my profession.

Be ruled by my heart, rather than my bank account.

Time LIBERTY to be present for my family.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.


Consistently say YES YOU CAN to myself!

Create a strong blueprint.

Design a bulletproof future for those I LOVE.

Positive internal dialogue.

Show my family how to WIN!

Most importantly, remember that the current version of yourself loves you…

and that is not going to change.

Always remember that.

You’ve got the most epic dogs, sweet friends, and an above average family. You are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you’re in the best shape of your life thus far, so that’s great. You’ll love what’s to come!

Remember that crossroads are exciting…yet temporary. You been handed a pretty full deck and you survived…no, you’ve thrived. You always find a way. You are resilient and resourceful.

But you know, I hope you had some time for fun. Go…now, take a world class vacation…for you, from you, out of your sweet bank account. You’ve earned it. Keep killing it. Like that 35-day cruise you took in 2015…go and explore, be a Curious Discoverer. Take time to fulfill your hearts deepest and most earnest desires. Nothing else matters.

Happiness is a choice

A few good life rules…

Pick up the phone. Make some plans. Get outside, even when the couch is calling. Camp in the woods. Build a fire. Have some wine. Stay up late. Climb a mountain. Netflix binge every once in a while. Go for a sail. Eat good food, prepared from scratch and made with love. Watch live music. Travel abroad with someone you care about. Immerse yourself in a good book. Don’t be afraid to LOVE. Go to the movies by yourself. Let your creativity shine. Move your body. Give back. Write down your thoughts. Tell your stories. Tell others’ stories. Listen.

Most importantly, I hope you look back on this time with so much love…and remember how uniquely spectacular you truly are.


Because Science, that’s why!

I was at the doctor the other day, undergoing a battery of standard [read: boring] tests for my memory and cognitive capacity. I’m talking about 2-full days of mind-numbingly boring tests, yet when the doctors asked how I was doing – my answer was consistently “Great!” or “That’s the most fun I’ve had all day!”. Sincerely.


In my life and around my home, I’ve talked a lot about being HAPPY, always. Being positive and agreeable and easy to be around…perhaps it’s because my ColorCode is pretty evenly split between White/Yellow/Blue…meaning I have quite an agreeable personality…doesn’t mean I’m a Yes-Man…means I’m easy to get along with, and subsequently, get along with nearly everyone pretty easily as well.

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Relinquishing Control (v2)

Hi, I’m Jen and I’m a Control Freak.

My good friend Mark J. recently enlightened me that “all control is fear based”.

So I asked myself…

  • What am I fearful of?
    • Failure…why, why, why??
  • Is it worse to fail, or to:
    • not achieve?
    • not try?
    • not stretch myself?
  • What would happen if I fail?
    • Will I become embarrassed?
    • Will I die (exaggeration, much!)
    • Will I learn?
    • Will I grow?

…but perhaps the worst outcome of all, the one that carries with it the most trepidation  …Will I succeed?

After soul searching, crying, and having a figurative stiff drink, I realized – no, I admitted to myself –  that I am, indeed, more afraid of success than I am of failure. But also, and maybe more importantly, I am actually afraid of both success AND failure. So I’ve just kind of been hovering – for decades – in this space of ‘not quite enough, but more than necessary’.  Wow. And also ouch.

So naturally, I bounced ideas off of my Mastermind group while my conscious mind came to terms with this new defect (NOTE: how do you add strikethrough to text in a blog?) aspect of my character.

Investigating this query led me down a path of introspection which opened my mind to a multitude of questions, including:

  • What have I been missing?
  • What do I need to fix?
  • Where did this fear come from?
  • How was it nourished?
  • What aspects or events in my life can I pinpoint to prove this realization?
  • How has Subby been reacting to events in my life?
  • How has Subby been responding to internal and external factors in my life?

REALIZATIONS…smacked me right in the face!

My thought process was this…if I can reverse engineer the events in my life (jobs, businesses, kids, marriage, relationships with family and friends, self-talk…) and identify the triggers, then that awareness, coupled with the new tools (read: not coping mechanisms) can assist Subby in creating my new blueprint – ensuring my fear of success, and my fear of failure, are banished for all eternity.

Whatever thoughts I was thinking at the time brought me the results I have had so far. Clearly, I need to disrupt my thinking. In some aspects a little more than others, so overall, my thinker is going to get a good scrubbing!

This week I really resonated with that Mark J. said about realizing and acknowledging that everything in business has helped me earn money…either I earn money now, or I learn a lesson so I can earn money later.

[Hooked on a feeling song playing in my head]…I’ve been attached to this poverty mentality for too long; its not the money, it’s the feeling I’ve been attaching to the money…how do I feel about spending $300 for an electricity bill or a speeding ticket, vs. $300 for a flight, or my vehicle, or Sara’s horse? The first is painful, yet the second gives a feeling of elated happiness (and then the DMP stuff all hit me…why Mark says we must say it with ENTHUSIASM!! Ding, ding, ding…earth to Jen! Duh Hello!

I am learning how to not continue to make the same mistakes. Regarding the blueprint builder…I have been adding boxes in the wrong order. I am leaping over the chasm of doubt that has left me subconsciously shackled to a belief system that is entirely unfounded and is frankly, quite ridiculous.


What ‘channel’ do I need to start listening to? What to say when I talk to myself…our DMP is what we need to say…LINKING = The Greatest Salesman, The Master Keys and Mark J. helps to reprogram our beliefs and blueprints, and directs Subby what to do.

  • What should I be reading?
    • The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
    • The Master Keys by Charles F. Hanell
    • What to say when you talk to yourself
    • Think and Gro Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • The Science of Achievement by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone

Realizing that every word counts when sending instructions to Subby…I now question everything including the songs on the radio (which is part of my sacrifice in order to achieve my DMP).

What, or who, do I need to focus on, and continually listen to? For starters:

  • The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
  • DISRUPT YOU by Jay Samit
  • Anything by Napoleon Hill
  • Go90Grow by Mark J., World’s Laziest Networker
  • MKMMA by Mark J., World’s Laziest Networker

The magic within doesn’t flounder…it’s WITHIN.   – Mark J.

I remain a Curious Discoverer!


I promise to…

Protect the environment in which Subby can flourish. Control my reaction and emotions to situations. Keep my Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) in check. Remain open – not be too attached to anything because as long as we are attached, we can’t be present.

I refuse to carry baggage, any baggage, going forward. Mine, or anyone else’s. My new mantra…’Not my monkeys, not my circus.’

I always keep my promises.

Jennifer Hope Conrad

The Cliffs of Insanity (v2)

As I’ve been working through the Master Keys, The Greatest Salesman and the MKMMA workbook, I am recognizing how they are all LINKING together. I recognize that in the past I have allowed some uneducated thoughts to direct my thoughts and by extension, my actions, in ways that can (and have!) only lead to torment, pain and/or suffering. Enough is enough.

Everybody knows that the definition of insanity is:

doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

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Disengaging Auto-Pilot (v2)

My game plan this week was to sit back and be a silent observer…of the process, the group, myself, and most importantly, my reactions! I noticed when I was hungry, when I was sad, when I was tired, and happy and mad and glad. I paid attention to the details with acute-sensitivity.

Perhaps for the first time ever, I observed as my subconscious began throwing a tantrum at the thought of new processes. I didn’t cave in or get discouraged, nor did I attempt to tell myself how great I was, or wasn’t. I simply identified the feelings in each moment, attempted to isolate the triggers, did my best to dismiss the immediate discomfort, and negotiated with myself farther than I had believed would be possible regarding with my old habits, and instead wrote it all down without editing, judging or trying to control it.

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Ass-hats don’t make the list.

BTDubs, it’s a massive honor to make someones’ list in Network or Relationship Marketing. You don’t get there by being boring, ordinary, under performers.

You made someones’ list. Celebrate that! Rather than rejecting our request with coldness and disdain, take a few minutes to hear us out. It’s basic manners really, simply be polite and acknowledge the compliment – we’re calling because we hold you in high regard.

Here’s the science behind ‘the call’.

For most relationship builders, it isn’t about what’s in it for us, instead, the mindset behind creating a list is how can I add value to others! We’re excited to reach out and connect with YOU, and we’d be proud to be on your list.

Someone allocated time away from their family or other responsibilities to brainstorm about the people they know…carefully selecting the people whom, in their eyes, encompass the best of the best. We’re talking about the favorites, the most fun, the most outgoing, most likely to succeed; voted by your peers as the best in anything can’t entirely suck, so why do you treat it like a life sentence when we call you?


Some of us recognize the injustice done both to our networks, and the industry in its entirety through the ‘machine gun approach’ and ‘throwing up on our networks’.

Forgive us. Many of us didn’t realize there was a better way, until now. We’re learning this profession. You probably didn’t start your job and become an instant expert either.

SQUAD282 was formed to act as a beacon within this industry. I’ve been committed to this profession for 15 years, and a constant over time is the lack of training for a brand new rep around how to approach people. I designed a system based on what has worked, founded upon how I would like to be approached, while being careful to steer completely clear of the hype and bad habits that are rampant in this industry.

The Science outlines the thought processes fueling our burning desire to unlearn bad habits that aren’t serving us, to get out of our own way in order to realize success in the profession of relationship marketing. Empowering self-directed thinkers with business and industry insight, we strive to outline the fundamentals in any relationship marketing business…WHAT to say (and what not to say), HOW to build both relationships and a market, and HOW to earn significant income.

SQUAD282 | Agent Base Camp has implemented a buddy-system to #containthecrazies.

Next time we call, we’ll try to refrain from being weird about it. Would be awesome if you could help us along by taking a few minutes and hear us out, help us learn the ropes and get over the butterflies. You could #dousasolid by

Listen to what is being shared and consider, hey, who do I know who might find this useful? That introduction call is the same thing as recommending a movie – you’ve got to watch the trailer before you know what the movie is about!

You know who doesn’t make the list: miserable cranky-pants, that’s who.

No one ever asks:

  • Who’s do you know who is miserable and wants to stay that way? or
  • Who doesn’t want better for their family? or
  • Who super loves constantly saying NO to their children – watching the wonder drain from their eyes?

Whether you’re just normal people like us, or ‘King S**t on turd island’, or, perhaps you have magical superpowers that make your sh**, for actual, not stink…next time you’re feeling super down on life, consider this:

Take inventory of the last time you made someone’s list.

Understand we have hand selected you,

and it’s entirely likely that we smiled when your face popped into our mind.

Chances are if it’s recent or frequent,

people see more in you than you might currently see in yourself.

We think you’re a pretty big deal.

Please, be delicate next time you get ‘the call’.

You’re a pretty big deal in someones’ eyes, not just a dollar figure. When was the last time your boss called you up, out of the blue, to give you a compliment and tell you they were thinking of you with fondness and care? Seriously, lighten up and learn to take a compliment.

While it’s just a ‘No’ to you, it might be the umpteenth one we’ve heard that day, and the only people immune from associating discouragement with hearing No all day long, are the McDonald’s drive thru workers who ask ‘Would you like fries with that’. They get paid whether you take fries or not, we don’t.

While those of us willing to think outside-the-cubicle are brave enough to try to better our families’ future, we also have feelings and this is profession is hard work. We are a volunteer army simply trying to create a better life.  You response helps us get there.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Winnie the Pooh

Your ‘NO’ could be the one that urges someone forward, propelling them into greatness. But, it could also be the one that shoves them over the edge. That one last straw which seems to always be breaking the camels back.

PRESS RELEASE The Truck Stops Here | Disconnecting Your Subconscious Shackles

Jennifer Hope Conrad named New York Times’ Best-Selling Author; launches book tour

(Kaua’i, Hawaii, 14 March 2018) Jennifer Hope Conrad, Author of The Truck Stops Here, and Founder of The Cratos Group Inc., speaks with us in a rapid fire Q&A about her best-selling book and upcoming North American book tour.

The Truck Stops Here       |      Disconnecting Your Subconscious Shackles 

                                                           (a Mindset Shift, not a How-To Guide)

In addition to her new book, Jen has shared her mindset management theory on Ellen, and has a loyal – and growing – group of followers connecting with her via her weekly BLOG, YouTube channel, website and social media pages.  Jen also runs monthly webinars where people can connect farther through opt-in 1:1 coaching where Jennifer will speak with you directly, hear your story, and help you identify patterns in your own life, then work with you to create strategies to move past your own repeating challenges. Her mantra is “make new mistakes”, because, she notes, “then at least, you’ll be learning new lessons.”

Jennifer is known and respected as a thought leader specializing in horizon-expanding mindset management. This book explores her theory and gives the reader tangible evidence and insight into her thought processes – perhaps more of a thesis actually, that ‘trauma does not have to be traumatic’.

In the beginning…

“Jennifer’s originality and innovation shines through in all she does,” says Mark Januszewski, The Worlds Laziest Networker.  “Jen was in town for the Go90Grow session of Summer 2016, it was during this conference that our individual magnificence couldn’t help but collide – the synergy was unmistakably magnetic.”

Mark went on to comment, “Our first meeting was at the Kaua’i Beach Resort in summer 2016…the Fabulous Davene and I had set final preparations underway for the meet-and-greet in the ballroom.  For one night (which had a reputation of creating some #LifeChanging relationships and opportunities for our #MKMMA members) both the #MKE and #Go90Grow classes converged, personifying an evening of networking and friendship among some of the most personally aware people on the planet.”

As Jen and I settled in together at the corner table on the Lanai, Mark continued, “we reminisced of the first time that we sat in this very spot…a hot August afternoon in 2016, roasting under the mid-day sun, hearing Jen’s account of the drive into our compound and hearing her list the details of why Kaua’i is as awe-inspiring as it is, brought me back to the feeling when we were first exploring the island.  I could see that Jen’s soul was on a similar journey and I was excited to be part of the wonder that I was certain would fill her life in short order.  Jen has recounted on numerous occasions over the past two or so years how much that first conversation impacted her…while reminding me that she was careful to not attribute her success to me as ‘the guy!’, but rather as a beacon of light at the end of a long, windy, treacherous trail filled with tribulations and false starts.”

In preparation to turn the floor over to Jen’s #MasterMind team, Januszewski took one last trip down memory lane, and with a sigh of contentment stated: “Over the past year or so, Jen has often commented that from the moment of our initial discussion, her mind set to link the pieces that she described as previously missing as she launched herself towards a goal so lofty; a cause so great, that no fulcrum known to mankind could possess the strength to knock her out of balance with her burning desire.  She was committed to finally drawing out the full wonder that had been entrusted to her…and it was quite moving to see her light shine so brightly.  I knew right then that I had to get to know her story and, as they say, the rest, as they say, is history.”

And now, a word from her Fan Club…

“Her entrepreneurial vision helped navigate her research and passion through tough times – forming clever strategic alliances, introducing awe-inspiring processes and made sure she investigated every opportunity in an economy that really didn’t support new ideas, change, or…well it really didn’t support anything at all.” noted Sandra Coates, a long-time family friend.

Sandra went on to comment “We are so blessed to be among those closest to her!”  she looked over to Jen and flashed a smile so wide everyone in the room could feel the love and exclaimed “Jenny, they don’t get any better than you!” and as she finished her sentence, she approached with a hug so fierce that you’d think their lives depended on the connection of their bodies.

I remember thinking for a mere second ‘That’s what unconditional love looks like’, – sadly, as quickly as I entered that blissful state Jen’s younger sister, Melissa, effectively diminished my euphoria upon declaring prior to any audible pause…“she’s always been a great friend…she taught me how to fight, both in terms of knocking someone’s block off, and doing the same for any other problem in my way!”  I thought Jen had some kind of superpower – she never let anything get her down…her focus didn’t change regardless of friends, or situations, or the weather.  She knew she was doing the right thing or she simply didn’t do it.  Nothing would change that, her course was set.”

Melissa decreed her admiration from underneath a devilishly grin and continued with a sigh as she looked up from underneath her crook’d brow, sporting a smirk that I was positive concealed a million stories, encapsulated with a lifetime worth of trouble to boot!  After drawing one deep, staggered breath Melissa continued “Life was always an adventure when we got to experience it through Jen’s eyes!  She got herself into – and perhaps more importantly out of some of the most outrageous scenarios!!  Never a dull moment, that’s for sure…” she trailed off once again, clearly lost in memories, admission of which was only slightly acknowledged as the corner of her ivory sleeve dipped in to the side of the salsa dish, repeatedly.  “The maid is off until Tuesday so who cares…” she muttered as she nonchalantly filled another chip, again dragging her sleeve through the bowl.

“For the most part…” she continued, as she crunched the last few bites of her lime flavoured tortilla chip, “…as I saw it, life was a constant uphill battle for Jen.  To me, the majority of it seemed impossible at every turn.  I often thought she was nuts to push on – but despite the pain and discomfort and all the bulls**t, Jen never took her eye off the finish line.  She never gave up and I’m so proud of her for that!”

Sandra was sitting with her back to the sun, wearing one of those sunhats that you’d expect to see on royalty or on a cruise ship full of ladies who just sat for afternoon tea and crumpets – you know, the ones with the floppy sides.  Calmly, Sandra gently raised the infliction in her voice to match Melissa’s – it was as if they didn’t miss a single beat – almost as though one thought was flowing directly from Melissa’s head into hers “Jen’s story has touched so many people!  Not only in the 10+ years since the accident, but we’ve traced her influence all the way back to her youth.  Jenny has always been a powerful force, one not to be reckoned with – yet never once has she used her suggestion inappropriately, nor meant any harm, instead, she always applies her insights blissfully, following her gut instinct like a compass leading a lost sailor to land…it has been amazing to watch how it has grown, how she has grown and developed throughout her lifetime.” Sandra reached over the table and squeezed Jen’s forearm, prompting Jen to return her smile with admiration and contentment.

“We were thrilled when she decided and ultimately committed to capturing it all into a book” added her Mom, Debora.  “I’ll digress for a second if you will allow me, and point out that it wasn’t soon after her return from Kaua’i in 2016 that sharing this story – these experiences – became her driving force in life.  She didn’t eat, sleep or breathe if it didn’t move her closer to her definite major purpose, closer to sharing what she’s learned – in essence, closer to the reality that she is enjoying today.  Whatever you discussed with her was the missing piece.  Nothing could hold her back once she got home (not even the brutal Canadian winters).  It is so fulfilling as her Mom, and as her friend and mastermind cheerleader – perhaps most notably the president of her Fan Club – to see her sharing her message and so bravely baring her vulnerability in front of the world – and actually embracing it.  I’m learning so much from her.”

Debora continued, “We believe her thinking patterns will change the way the world responds to emotional trauma and will influence and encourage people as they find their strength.  Rejecting the societal pressure to assume a ‘victim’ role, instead, embracing the victory of finding the lesson in every situation, of learning, and ultimately, of growing…becoming… evolving!  It’s connected on so many levels – the reach is nearly immeasurable!”

Q+A | Part 1: …and also…wait, what!?!

Q: I understand that you were prompted to write this book after a pick-up truck struck you and your daughter while you were walking to your vehicle, is that correct? 

A: Yes Mark, we were fortunate to be in exactly the right spot, at the right time.

Q: Hold on…did I hear you correctly…did you just say you were in the right place at the right time?  Didn’t you just confirm that you and Sara were struck by a pick-up truck?!  Can you walk me through your thought process?

A: Certainly, my thinking is this…if we were one step further ahead we would have been pinned under the truck with no chance of survival, however if we were one step back of where we actually were, there would have been time to push Sara away, and perhaps jump away myself…which sounds ideal, however if that were the case, we wouldn’t have been able to experience all of the growth opportunities that we have had as a result of the accident and our subsequent injuries.

For instance, GlobalTV did a feature on Sara and the technology that saved her life – now we have a YouTube video, nearly 7 minutes long.  We’re YouTube sensations!  Sara was featured on the Radio-a-Thon to raise funds for the Alberta Children’s Hospital and she’s had countless post-admission visits through the hospital where she’s had the chance to bring a smile to other kids with similar injuries.  Not your run-of-the-mill experiences for any child – never mind one who was still sporting single digits in the age category!  I mean, c’mon Mark, where can you match that kind of life experience!

Q: That’s something else, Jen, quite remarkable.  I understand that one of Sara’s favorite activities with you is a form of rapid fire Q+A, correct?

A: Yes, usually she uses that tactic when trying to compare how angelic she seems compared to something undesirable (read: idiotic, neurotic, selfish or just plain stupid) that her brother just finished doing.  In her words, “Mom, quick…without thinking…who’s your favorite child right now!?!”  How she manages to get through the entire sentence without busting up is beyond me.

Q+A | Part 2: Incase you were wondering…

Mark: Alright then, let’s run through a rapid fire Q&A, Sara style…

Q: Quick…without thinking…what’s your favourite ice cream?

A: Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip…for sure!

Q: Where’s your favourite place on earth?

A: Kaua’i is a strong contender…but I’d have to say Moraine Lake, near Banff (Lake Louise), Alberta.  Only open May – August since you’ve basically got to be a Mountain Goat to get to it, but once you’re there, a lake appears almost as if out of nowhere, surrounded by majestic mountains that basically make you a better person just by being there.

Q+A | Part 3: The Preliminaries

Q: How has moving from being the child, to having children changed you?

A: I cherish the people that surround me…they have given me a safe place to be myself, and remind me daily what it means to both give and receive unconditional love.  I am grateful for them every day and love them with every ounce of my being.  It’s been said that we are the culmination of the five people we hang around with most – so since family is so important to me, it’s been a mission, and a privilege, to help shape Mike and Sara into independent thinkers.  I joke that my goal in life is to create kids who could survive the Zombie Apocalypse…knowing if they can THINK they’ll likely survive.  Although I did get swept up in the endless quick sand of the new Mom mantra of give-give-give…I now realize that putting myself first is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it actually makes me a better Mom (and person).  I’ve learned to walk the tightrope between giving too much and putting myself first with ease and grace.

Q: How do you see yourself now?

A: I am the perfect trifecta of Brains | Bravery | Beauty – all powerfully combined as a positive influence, creation impact as a role model and thought leader, and living life on purpose and of purpose!

Q: When did you first realize that you could associate any feeling(s) to any situation, at will?

A: When I was 11.   I recognized the things I was dealing with had been somewhat cyclical for the last few months (sadly, more likely the last few years) and I performed a science experiment of sorts – if I could change my reaction to the situation/events…would it have any correlation to the outcome?  I was astounded at the results, so naturally had to test my theory again…and again…and again…until eventually, I perfected my approach.  Naturally then, I had to start all over again!

With challenge comes change, and I am up to the challenge of changing!  I accept that life is a process and sometimes perfection is offset by growth.  As long as it furthers me in my evolution or understanding, or helps me exercise empathy…even those nasty ones that seem insistent on teaching me patience…I’m game for all of it.

Q: What is most important to you in your life?

A: My Personal Pivotal Needs are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

Regarding Liberty:

I want to know I’ve got all of my commitments met, with wiggle-room for surprises, while providing a very comfortable life for my family which includes fun-money for adventures and new experiences anytime we like.

Regarding Recognition for Creative Expression:

Equally as important, it means a lot to me to hear feedback about how my influence is impacting other people.  May I share a story with you about a poem I received from an old-neighbor while Sara and I were in the hospital during our 51-day hospital stay?  It meant so much to me that Mandy took the time to share her thoughts around how my words impacted her life – she went the extra mile to print, frame and present it in person.

Q: What is your most prized possession?

A: My most precious asset is the 6-inches between my own ears and its’ guard is fortified by everything I am and all that I want to accomplish.  The ability to THINK is the greatest gift I have to give to the world, but more importantly, the greatest gift I could ever leave for Mike and Sara.  Intellectual ability and constant growth are the best way I know to prepare them for a straight vertical trajectory in all areas of life and love.  Ensuring they have the skills to think independently, setting an example by showing them what it looks like to be true to themselves, is and forever will be, my chief aim in life.  It will long survive me and become my lasting legacy.

Q: Why are you so committed to this cause?

A: I have been gifted with abilities to follow my core instinct, exercise empathy and possess vision greater than myself.  When combined with my unshakeable self-confidence, life has taught me to embrace the impact I have on others.  I put these gifts to work for the greater good, sharing my mindset through inspirational speaking and writing.  The whole give more, get more theory – you know!

 Q: How do you nourish your mindset to keep you on track?

A: I am wholly responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I exercise mind over matter, because if I don’t mind it doesn’t matter.  While I am not perfect, I am pure, humble, kind and empathetic.  While remaining logical and realistic with a birds-eye view, I remain unbiased and free.  I remain committed to upholding the discipline and positive self-talk required to continuously ignite the fire in my belly and propel myself towards the purpose I was born to fulfill.  The Think and Grow Rich habits have changed the very DNA of my thoughts and as a result, of my actions, and are forming the foundation of my personal philosophy.  I wholeheartedly welcome these principles to impact my life in stupendous proportions.

Q: Why are people so attracted to you?

A: I resonate at a very high frequency which attracts people like a beacon (of HOPE). People comment they like themselves best when they’re with me and wonder when they can see me again.  I am honored when people state they simply want to be around me, to ‘hear me think’, to catch a glimpse inside my head…it makes me feel like I can fly!  It is so great being me!!

Mark: Well, your Jen mo-jo is already rubbing off on us around here.  I can certainly see what all the hype is about!

Q+A | Part 4: Because Science, that’s why!

Alright, that gives us some background into why you think the way that you do…now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the science and psychology behind why you think the way you do.

Q: What is the premise of your book?

A: Many people go through their lives being held hostage to the subconscious shackles that are implanted as a result of a traumatic event at some point in their lives.  Many people don’t realize (or refuse to acknowledge) that they are making decisions in their adult lives based on an event that occurred in childhood or their teenage years that they attached a negative feeling to, without any regard for the FACT that the feeling we attach to those events, perhaps, holds more weight than the event itself.

mandy-nickerson-poemI’ve learned

(Dedicated to Jennifer and Sara for their strength and courage)

I’ve learned from my friend

And her hospital stay

STOP and smell the roses

Take time out to play

I’ve learned from her fight

Her pain and her tears

Life is for living

Not hiding from our fears

I’ve learned not to rush

But to simply slow down

Life is too short

To be running around

I’ve learned to smile more

And warmly say ‘Hi’

To help brighten the day

Of a stranger passing by

I’ve learned it’s not money

But my family who come first

My life isn’t that bad

Others have it much worse

I’ve learned from her story

And her little girl’s too

Now I pass this poem on

So you can learn too.

Q: Can you provide an example of when and how you implemented this logic?

A: Joann Mundin MD, FRCPC, MSc, Psychiatrist noted:

“I believe that Sara’s parents took very appropriate steps, perhaps without knowing it, to protect Sara from the development of PTSD following the collision.  This is because her parents made a deliberate decision to expose Sara to newspaper articles and details regarding the collision.  They also honoured Sara’s request to visit the site of the collision upon discharge from the hospital, which Sara did in a wheelchair even while the storefront was still boarded-up.  I believe that Sara’s early and repetitive exposure to the events of the collision while she was still in the hospital was a form of Exposure and Response Prevention which served to prevent Sara from going into full-fledged Posttraumatic Stress Disorder specifically related to events of the collision”.

Q: How do you override – or train – your brain in times of intense fear or immense anguish; how do you always find a positive silver lining?

A: That’s a great question!  Allow me to answer it in three parts.

First, I believe in the old saying; ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’. I’ve been told that my fearlessness is inspiring in EPIC proportions.  My life has been very blessed and I’ve lived a life that many would envy – I mean, many would fear – I mean, it’s perfect for me, regardless of what anyone thinks or doesn’t think.  Every step has lead me to where, and who, I am today.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life.

Secondly, I discovered that that fear and excitement trigger nearly identical neurons in the human brain?   Did you know that?!  When I realized this, it became apparent that I could mentally frame new experiences with open-minded excitement and run towards them, rather than becoming their victim…therefore I set out to conquer my fear and insisted that instead, I claim victory in all experiences and challenges that life presents.

Finally, I recognized very early on in life that repeat experiences are an opportunity to make different decisions – and sometimes, new mistakes.  Persistence towards my DMP does not recognize failure, instead by default, I question ‘What is this teaching me?’.  What is the lesson?  De Ja Vu’s are simply put a reminder that I didn’t learn the lesson last time, and I need to pay attention and take a closer look at the situation and evaluate – ahead of time if possible – how I’m reacting, why, and what my other options are.

Q+A | Part 5: Have Brains…Will travel.

Q: What’s next for you, Jen? 

A: My mindset invites unfathomable opportunity, while my humility allows for maximum growth so I know the doors are open and opportunities abound.  I have accepted and embraced the changes to my memory and speech patterns and have embraced HIS master plan for my destiny.  My greatest DESIRE is to give back, I am evolving daily and learning to govern my actions accordingly.

I TRUST that continuing to be a good person, doing the right things for the right reasons, and remaining steadfast in my positive mental attitude…I can TRUST that my Liberty; financial freedom will come as a result of getting right with myself and letting my song out for everyone to embrace, or not, and either is quite fine with me.  I am the master of my own economic fate.  I am the governor of my destiny!  The world is as I see it.

I’ll continue to write…spend more time in a hammock…Autonomy has always been on my side…going to continue getting right with myself so I can help others get right with themselves, as well.  This experience has been so enlightening.  The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know!   I am a life-long student of growth, performance and self-reflection. I remain a curious discoverer!

Q: In 10 words or less, how would you sum up your life…despite everything that life has thrown at you?

A: I am very blessed and highly favored!