The YOU Quotient | PRESS RELEASE 2018

PRESS RELEASE – The YOU Quotient – An interview with Jen Conrad, by Ellen DeGeneres

Draft – October 25, 2018


Most of us have heard of IQ – Intellectual Quotient [this illustrates how book smart you are].

Some of us have heard of EQ – Emotional Quotient [this illustrates how tuned in you are].

Jen Conrad is a thought-provoking thinker, solution finder and story-teller, and today she shares with us that there is another, often overlooked, factor that determines someones capacity – she calls it the ‘YOU Quotient’ – and today she explains why this could be the glue that holds it all together.


Ellen: Jen’s great at solution finding. Breaking things into bite sized pieces and finding their simplest form…and then conveying that simplicity in terms people can understand. She’s great at reading people and communicating on their language. Do you know how rare it is that someone like her still exists? She’s an optimist…she still believes in true love and magic and soul mates. She is a light of hope for everyone who’s ever been lucky enough to meet her. She extends so much presence, and leaves the possibility of a better tomorrow in her wake. Jen, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Jen: My pleasure Ellen, thank you for that kind introduction, and the very warm welcome.

Ellen: When I first read about your idea, it made total sense to me! I’ve been thinking and feeling the same things; but didn’t necessarily know how to bring it all together in a way that made sense. I believe that your foresight and bravery to put yourself out there will truly impact a lot of people.

Jen: That’s kind of you Ellen, thank you. It means a lot – I’ve always enjoyed your sense of humour – very raw and edgy – and, to be honest, following your story and your career has played a big role in the creation of this concept. Inspired me to trust the voice inside me and believe that I had something of value that people needed to hear! Thank you for your courage, Ellen.

Ellen: *smiling as she reaches over and pats me on the hand* Let’s dig into this then, shall we!! Can you give us a glimpse of how this all got started?

Jen: One day I was chatting with my best friend, Dedra, and I was asking her if she knew why people enjoyed vacations so much?? I explained that vacations are such a relief because we can let go of all the other people we have to be on a day-to-day basis – we can finally relax. On vacation, you can just do you! You don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time, you can stay up late or go to bed early. There’s no shame in arriving at breakfast in an evening gown or your bath robe, and no-one even thinks twice about it.

We take on all these other ‘personas’ in our every day lives – and we’ve been doing so since grade school. It’s exhausting. In grade school, it’s like our scripts are written for us and we have to play that role. You have to behave as expected. We learn to line up for lunch and recess, and sit cross-legged with our hands in our lap at circle time. We learn to walk single file and change into our indoor shoes for gym. School teaches us how to be ‘Sheeple’ – to follow the rules. I get that society needs to have rules – but where I struggle is that the rules don’t promote individualism they celebrate mediocrity.

As children, our CORE self needs to be nurtured. But as we grow up and become what society tells us we should become – we actually lose sight of the greatness within us. As we grow up accepting our imposed fate and believing the truths’ of others, we forget how to listen to the little voice that dances with delight when we do the things that fulfill our purpose.

Essentially, the CORE of who we are actually never gets nurtured. We grow older, but we forget to actually live. In the present tense, for instance at home, I’m a Mom, but also, I’m the President of Sara’s Fan Club [my daughter], I am the Voice of Reason for my adult son, Mike, and I’m a wonderful, supportive, sometimes challenging spouse to my adoring fiancee, Michael. Also, I’m the maid, the chef and the bookkeeper, as well as the homework checker, the dog walker, the anti-solicitation control board, the event planner, the travel agent, and the soft-shoulder. And let’s not forget, I’m also the taxi and the wallet.

Vacations are chill. We love the reprieve because it gives us a chance to connect with ourselves again…to shed the burden of all those other ‘personas’ that get thrust upon us; sometimes by necessity, sometimes by society, and sometimes by ignorance.

Ellen: So if I’m hearing you correctly, you’re saying that wisdom passed down from the ages, blended with Science and common sense, can help anyone reconnect with their inner awesome?

Jen: *laughing* Yes, those are important…as well as deliberate training and use of the in-out current of manifestation…together, these successfully activate the sweet restoration of the person, family, home and planet. When I finally began linking my subconscious visions with richly intentioned emotions [ earnest desire ]; the combination was almost magical – it triggered authentic expectation in my subconscious to manifest the methods to meet my intentions…almost as if my magic.

Ellen: How did you realize that all of this was important – and how to bring it all together?

Jen: I promised myself that I would consistently hear and trust the voice inside me.

I’ve been a big fan of introspection for years now, and wholeheartedly believe that if people would just take responsibility for themselves, the world would be a very different place. When you assume 100% responsibility for yourself, it is then that you an grow and take on new challenges.

I decided to act instead of hesitate at the very moment between when an idea is generated, and putting it into action. Pleasant thoughts of a non-resistant existance help me generate the energy necessary to let my light shine, and the intuition to help guide others as they endeavor to accomplish the same.

My perpetual happiness mindset ensures all my experiences are positive … I turn them into sources of pleasure and profit. I fortifying my growth with positive internal dialogue – and this mindset reverses the polarity of limiting belief thought-forms. I’ve always been an out-of-the-box thinker – and when I finally realized it doesn’t make me a black sheep – it makes me a leader. That’s when the spark really began to fly!

The more I thought about it – the louder it got in my mind – and although it took me a while to dig it out, there’s been really positive feedback.

Ellen: I can imagine it’s something quite simple – what did you boil it down to?


The YOU Quotient

You’ve got more to say.

We help you figure out what it is, and how to express it.

Ellen: Last time we talked Jen, you said something that really resonated with me –

Practice is controlled failure. Let’s keep practicing together. it’s been incredibly insightful meeting with you today – I can’t wait to read your auto-biography.