FOR RELEASE July 1, 2018:

The CONRADICAL Cup personifies Jen Conrad’s enduring happiness and big heart; and today we get a glimpse inside her beautiful mind. This semi-annual team building and recognition event [held on Canada Day (July 1) and Boxing Day (December 26) at various locations around the globe], impactfully celebrates the vision for her SEACRET team with the enthusiasm of a frat party and the enduring wonder of a 50th wedding anniversary.

Held at the Fireside Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona solely because it facilitates two of Jen’s favourite things – telling stories and the smell of campfire – this close knit group gathers in and around the Adirondack chairs [with the vigour of siblings racing for shotgun in the car] that frame the roaring campfire in the courtyard…quaint, comfortable and serene…just the way Jen likes it!!

Serving Jen’s fav foods:

  • Air-popped Popcorn [with honey, butter, crushed salt and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar]
  • Nachos with guacamole and chunky salsa
  • Iced tea mixed with lemonade [virgin Arnold Palmer]
  • Fresh Raspberries
  • Swedish Berries and
  • Apple Pie and Mile-High Crumble on top and Breyer’s French Vanilla Ice Cream

…served with love to the group as they visit and bond while soaking up the glorious smells of the campfire and friendship; taking turns telling stories about gratitude and being thankful for the happiest times in their lives since the last event.


The uniqueness of this celebration is that the award – The CONRADICAL Cup – is awarded to the the person who does ‘The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number’ and the winner is chosen based on votes by the entire group, as a collective.

In addition, the nomination criteria echoes Jen’s Core Philosophies:

  • Giving Without the Expectation of Reciprocity
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Empathy Towards Others
  • Personal Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Active Listening

Born out of a Give More Get More mindset, and a burning desire to do the most good to the most people herself, Jen founded SQUAD282 – the identity of this talented group of individuals was founded with the vision of what Jen wanted her SEACRET Crown Royale Organization to be, yet it quickly became so much more…a SEACRET SQUAD for everyone.

Giving without expectation leads to receiving without limitation

The culture within this team is more like a family than anything else. I’ve never seen anything like it. Jen has such a skill for bringing people together with her warm smile and welcoming embrace.

– Debora Baptist

SQUAD282 is a leadership and training collective, within which servant-leaders act as confident advocates and beacons within this industry, to assist individuals and teams identify as they embrace and expand their strengths and talents.


The script-based buddy-system resources are packed with confidence and posture; the industry and timing overview illuminates’ society’s immense need for a #sidehustle, and a series of YES responses lead prospects to order from or join the product/service – quickly!

Created to help guide the Network Marketer from excitement, through to results. We provide a proven, structured system to ensure your business is launched in an effective, rapid, and enduring manner.

“The Profession of Network Marketing has too long been plagued by fear and misinformation. Thanks to the power of the current Social Economic Revolution, New networkers no longer have to combat this negative reputation.”

-Jamie McArthur


“… a movement that people want to be part of…because I want them to become part of my closest 5’s.”

– Jen Conrad

Jen studied leadership within this industry and watched – repeatedly – as many sponsors seem to contract what she deems as the Network Marketing version of ‘Manager-itis’ [rank up, get a title, become SO bossy, lose touch with reality push your team away]…ultimately, perpetuating the negative reputation this industry has been plagued with.

You’re starting your own business, not starting business on your own.

“Jen recognizes this profession is actually a volunteer army, and knew that focused accountability will be more inspiring than dictatorship-style leadership. Jen understands human nature…she understands how people work and what makes them tick. Compassion and Sincerity, not dictatorship-style leadership will attract an unstoppable team.”

-Jessica Dales

As part of SQUAD282, all SEACRET Agents are readily welcomed into the family. She’s got a special place in her heart for each person, I can see it in her eyes! Her enthusiasm is contagious! She considers everyone her friends…her family – rather than her downline. The collective is valued and important, everyone can FEEL it because it’s part of – it is – the culture of our team!

“I knew as soon as I saw Jen Conrad, she was someone I had to get to know. I first saw her at a trade show and was attracted to her energy and vibration. She was so welcoming and radiant, and when I met her, she enveloped me with her friendly personality. She is the real deal and has become a very dear friend.”

– Darlene Robertson


It’s refreshing in this industry – plagued by people who pretend to be interested in your life, but then only call you when you’re producing, rather than when you’re struggling…they don’t get the most important part of RELATIONSHIP marketing

…its when you’re struggling is exactly when you need the most support. 

There’s a strong focus on personal development within our team because you don’t become a better person when your business gets stronger; rather your business gets stronger when you become a better person.

– Jen Conrad

I stood in awe of the wonder around this close-knit team – more like family; the magnitude of respect, compassion and true servant-leadership was astounding. For them, it is a calling, and an honor to stand beside each other, linking arms, lifting each other up and celebrating greatness in conscious harmony.

PANEL-style Q+A around the campfire…

Q: Who is Jen, really??

A: As a Curious Discoverer, I cultivate exceptional value in the lives and hearts of others through genuine guidance and encouragement, helping them identify, embrace and live their greatness. It is an easy way for me to bless and engage with others who want to transform their lives.

Graced with brains, beauty and bravery, I strive to make people feel edified and important, lots of thanks for asking, great question responses precede my answers because I truly value the art of communication. I am very blessed and highly favoured.

I’m an important Ambassador of Quan for people who love the simple beautiful details and are willing to set aside what they know [including what they think they know] and follow a system.

Q: Define JENNERGY for me…

A: I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I am. Through introspection,

I see things and analyze things in ways that most people don’t understand. I understand Human nature.

Meeting with each day with humility and honour and nurturing my inner child I having fun being blissfully ignorant and happy so I can sing my song. I create Ideas and strategies to help millions in this industry and profession.

I love helping people so my favourite thing to do is create solutions and strategize.

Q: What’s up with the savant-like attention to detail? Does this serve you?

A: I perseverate…meaning…I analyze everything – my brain works like a main-frame computer, cross-referencing everything against everything else, and doing it afresh when each new piece of data is added. I study…perhaps – obsess. I perseverate which means I keep thinking about things.

I love the BEAUTIFUL DETAILS and the spaciousness and breathing space in life, going through the finest details to find an edge.

I am a happy, positive, self directed thinker writer, speaker, trainer and mentor. I’m complex and diverse, and I’m okay with the fact that most people don’t understand me, I’m okay with being like a Unicorn. Unique and one of a kind.

Our team is all about the customer service experience.

– Jen Conrad

Q: People describe you as generally HAPPY…how do you maintain that?

A: I’m always HAPPY because I am always positive. I’m grateful and happy embracing each day, each breath, celebrating my life because real happiness lies in gratitude. I like to be so happy that when others look at me they become happy too!

Even when I’m doing things that don’t make me happy, I tell myself it was awesome…because we get to choose what emotion to attach to our experiences. I choose not to complain or be negative because negative thoughts are toxic and why would anyone choose to be negative? It’s so much easier and lighter, and to be honest, a lot more fun.

Wherever I am becomes my happy place.

I began Blogging about 19 months ago, it took me a while to get into it [been singing everyone else’s song for so long it was really foreign to me how to sing my own], but now it’s my euphoria. Blogging…it’s my jam. That, and index cards!

I realize now that it’s who I am within the Universe; how I react and interact; as opposed to how much I can control and dictate.

Q: If you ask your team, what would they say is your catch-phrase:

A: Would it be alright with you if I share a story?

Q: What do you want more of in your life?

A: To have the time and financial liberty to live life forward. That’s why I live his industry so much…it can give us everything we need and want if we are willing to follow a system…proceeding with confidence, clarity and purpose.

SQUAD282 allows me to combine the things I’m most passionate about:

  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Details

I needed a way to bless and engage with someone else sharing my JENNERGY. I like to make people laugh every day helps stretch perspective.

…and ultimately, I simply want to make you smile.

Q: What do I want more than anything?

A: To make change in the world!

I want to help people have options and give myself options want to own my SEACRET life. I feel extremely honoured, privileged, down-to-earth and fun and I LOVE to help people.

Q: You speak of ‘The World Within’ often…could you tell me more about it?

A: Life successes come easy to me not because of what I’ve done but because of who I’ve become identifying with my inner-child.

Q: How do you touch peoples’ lives?

A: Sharing my stories give people HOPE. Inspiring them to have bravery in their own lives. Impacting positive mental change in order to reflect in positive physical change. The world recognizes me because I let my JENNERGY shine!

Q: What is your hero’s journey?

A: The Truck Stops Here. I’m actually writing a book about it! But that’s a story for another day.

Q: Why are you committed to living Emerson’s Law of Compensation?

A: Give More Get More. I’m attracting, without effort and readily excepting of the universal gift. I’m so grateful. For everything. Even the trials.

Q: How would you describe your personality and aptitude’s?

A: I am real true honest pure not always, patient, I give without agenda, and I love to help people. My thinking catapults me towards my own greatness; my body can heal itself; people stop and stare and wonderment when I walk into a room…yet I remain humble and honest and pure. I’m learning to accept my gifts and day-by-day, am becoming increasingly comfortable with the impact I can have with the gifts and talents I have been blessed with.

Thank you for your honesty, it is very refreshing. This interviewer feels blissful after spending the afternoon diving into the wonderful mind of the one and only, Jennifer Hope Conrad.

“I like myself best when I’m with you, when can I see you again?”

– Jen Conrad

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