DMP | October 10, 2017

I promise to manifest Autonomy + Legacy

Blessed with unconditional love, serenity and positive vibes, our custom white Castle – my happy place – comes alive daily with the sounds of laughter, excitement and gratitude. Calgary’s oldest trees provide protection and solitude as we live and work in conscious harmony, and our abundant love readily welcomes friends and family with a warm smile and a sincere embrace.

Everything I need to know is already inside me, for I am a Silent Observer and Vigilant Watchman, inter-connected with the expansive and dynamic flow of giving and receiving. Treasuring my best-self, I promise to be daring and embrace change with compelling emotion. My dedication to the TGR, MKS and GS principles form good habits so I may conquer resistance.

Communicating my needs with love and respect, together with confidence-boosting real estate wins continue to bless me with an abundance of time liberty. My authentic self – the sole Governor of my destiny – evolves my PAID-IN-FULL philosophy, fortifying generation-strong financial autonomy for those I love. Before March 14, 2018 my income soars beyond $27,000+ monthly, educing feelings of LOVE and significance as I wear my 100-diamond 6-figure SEACRET ring.

My thoughts and dreams dance with enthusiastic delight as I embrace my unique ability to ‘feel’ the best in everyone. THE TRUCK STOPS HERE is my ‘Intrigue-Beacon’, a mindset map empowering thousands to recognize and embrace their innate greatness. Guided by empathy, compassion and understanding, my sweet-spot is personified in white and yellow lights, shining beautiful and bright, cheering YES YOU CAN! encouragements in person, online, in print and from the stage. brings profound and notable change to the Profession of Network Marketing; structured as a buddy-system, the script-based training resources come packed with the necessary confidence and posture to highlight the industry, opportunity and product/service, engaging and educating each other’s prospects, guiding them to say YES to the next step – quickly!

Before December 31, 2018, my give-more-get-more mindset cultivates financial fortresses around entrepreneurs and their families, propelling my annual income beyond $550,000+. Triumph and victory empower me as I discover additional ways to serve. I LOVE helping others win!

Adventuring boldly with Mike + Sara reconnects us to each other and within for 3+weeks twice a year. Next up, Atlantis Bahamas January 2018, Dead Sea June 2018, then Bora Bora, Kaua’i, Scotland, Ireland…

I always keep my promises.