MEET Jen Conrad

Hi, I’m Jen – I’m an Enthusiastic Visionary and Think Coach.

Originally from Calgary, I relocated to North Dallas three years ago with my 18-year old Sara and our Siberian Huskies, Lincoln and Toque. My 25-year old, Michael lives in Kelowna with his 2-year old son Hudson.

  • Personality Science Workshops, Coaching + Retreats for groups and/or individuals looking to better understand themselves and others.
  • Self Enlightenment using positivity strategies and introspection to help people explore and step into our innate strengths and embrace future possibilities through my books; YouQuotient and The Truck Stops Here.
  • One-on-one visionary coaching sessions provide fresh ideas for your personal, career and overall life challenges.
  • Virtual fundraising platform provides financial assistance for amateur athletics.

Introducing Fundraising Reimagined

I’m passionate about all kids having the opportunity to participate in amateur athletics by joining clubs and various team sports …despite financial limitations. So I’ve created a non-profit company specifically designed to eliminate financial barriers #soallkidscanplay in any group activity they choose. 100% of proceeds are donated back to the cause because I’m compensated on the backend based on volume.

The beginnings of my fundraising story takes us back nearly 20 years…
My son Michael developed a love of hockey before he turned three; I remember him strapping on the pads my Uncle bought him from Canadian Tire, then grabbing his stick and pleading for me to take shots on him over and over and over again. He would practice in the kitchen for hours everyday… and would have worn those pads to bed and to school if I had let him :). Seriously, this kid lived and breathed everything hockey.

I was just 16 years old when he was born and money was tight for the first few years. When he started talking with the other kids at school about playing organized hockey I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the fees and equipment. Thankfully, there was a subsidy program that helped cover expenses which allowed him to play community hockey as a TimBit (age 5). I promised myself at that moment I’d find a way to pay it forward and financially help other families start and/or keep their kids involved in athletic programs.

As Michael grew up I could see the positive impact organized sports was having on his development, and when my daughter, Sara, was born he integrated her into his hockey lifestyle too. His love of hockey and sports had a ripple effect into Sara’s life as she continued to play hockey with him in front of the house during the off-seasons.

By the age of four, Sara had displayed a love of dance, and I was delighted that her social, mental and emotional development would be positively affected by the benefits of participating in group activities.

I recognized the positive impact that sports played in my own children’s’ development, and noticed and marked difference in my daughters personality after a forced withdrawal from dance at the age of six following a motor vehicle accident that left her hospitalized for 51 days, and in physio for the next year learning to walk again.

For years we struggled trying to find her a hairbrush that she would actually brush her hair with because her scalp had become super sensitive (I had basically resolved that my wild-haired child was here to stay). I bought a new hairbrush hopeful it would work, but expecting it not too just like all the other ones I had purchased over the years that failed and ended up in the brush graveyard in the bathroom vanity. To my surprise and delight it glided through her tangled hair and she LOVED it! I had to purchase another one for myself because she claimed it as her own from that moment. I knew this product was monumental but I didn’t know how to best utilize so I ordered a few more and simply handed them out as gifts to my loved ones.

Fast forward a few years… while driving home from one of Michael’s hockey tournaments an idea struck me…what if I could use the hairbrush as a fundraising tool to help individuals and teams raise money! That spark of inspiration has morphed into what is now Fundraising Reimagined. Our virtual platform makes it simple to reach any fundraising goal by bringing people together – either virtually or in person – to support and raise money for any cause, program, event or activity.

I’m passionate about Amateur Athletics and excited about this project – I appreciate you checking it out. 


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