Prospecting Scripts | Initial Call STEP 2

STEP 2 |Expert Leads the Conversation


Hi (name), thanks for making time and being a good friend. It’s important to respect your time so I’ll get right to it…

Have you ever recommended a movie? Wait for response. Right, we all have. But have you ever recommended a movie before seeing the trailer (pause)? Kinda difficult, right! Because if you didn’t watch the trailer, how would you even know if you liked it enough to recommend it in the first place…you with me! Wait for response. What we’re doing today is exactly the same thing.

We’ve discovered a very unique and special company called SEACRET, based on Dead Sea Minerals, Salt and Mud – and since pretty much everybody likes to play in the Mud, we would like to share the unique trifecta of things that make this #sidehustle so appealing.

While we chat today, if you see value, there’s a few things you could do to help (trainee)  – don’t worry, we’re not asking you to lay down your credit card, we’re simply looking for feedback!

We appreciate your help gaining exposure for (trainee). Because the Dead Sea has unique healing properties, it’s almost certain that you’ll come across someone who will need to talk to (trainee). Fair enough? Wait for response. 

If you see value in what we talk about today, consider who you might know, even yourself maybe, that would benefit by becoming a Customer, or might like to join us on this adventure as a SEACRET Agent. Remember, totally chill…no pressure, you cool with that? Wait for response. 

Perfect, so, would it be alright with you if I tell you a few stories as I explain what we’ve discovered? Wait for response.

Excellent, let’s jump into it: As you’ve likely noticed, our economy has gone through some interesting flux the last few years…many people are securing their families and their futures with a Plan B – because you just never know, and why would you risk the uncertainty?

First, geographically speaking, it’s all based around the lowest point on earth – the Dead Sea – which sits thirteen-hundred-and-eighty-eight feet below sea level. For over 5,000 years, this magical body of water and the 26 Minerals within, have been renowned around the world for unique healing benefits. Many call it the 8th Wonder of the World.

Cleopatra cited The Dead Sea waters as her source for beauty and rejuvenation, she would often travel two months by camel to get there, and since she was known for her beauty, it’s obvious that it worked! She might not have understood the science, but she understood that she felt and looked great. It was her Fountain of Youth…

What sets us apart is our exclusive distribution rights to the Salt, Mud and Minerals from the Dead Sea. And what makes it so special, is that it works…immediate results that truly WOW!! Great for relief of skin challenges such as Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Acne.

Secondly, the science. As you probably know, skin is our largest organ, and as such, all sorts of things affect the appearance and health of our skin…including our diet and exercise (or the lack thereof *giggle*), the environment, stress, and even a lack of sleep.

We’ve discovered many people who are challenged with skin issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea and Acne. Babies aren’t immune either, they get diaper rash and sometimes Eczema from our dry climate. Skin conditions including dry skin or cracked heels doesn’t just affect adults – kids struggle with it too. We’re all prone to under eye dark circles and puffiness…and those darn wrinkles…they don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, or what you’re doing in life. Do you know anybody with these types of skin struggles? Wait for response. Allow them to elaborate if they begin telling you who they know.

All things being equal, we realized skin health isn’t so much a GIRLY thing, but rather, a HUMAN thing, and we got fired up about the potential based on the gender-neutral appeal of this product and this business. Makes sense, right? Wait for response.

Third, economies of scale. The typical North American spends, on average, $1,000 per year on personal care products. People might scale back on entertainment or eating out, but have you ever heard of someone opting out of shampoo…or soap? *giggle*. Wait for response. Me neither.

Our focus is more of a Wellness project – skin health and now nutrition…we’re creating a well-thy community of SEACRET Agents (pause) I know, it’s both awesome and cheesy, but being called a SEACRET Agent is way better than what I used to be called (pause) ‘Manager’…boo (ENTER: frowney face emoji), or what my kids call me, taxi, wallet…just kidding, I love it.

You with me so far? Wait for response.

Perfect, so to dig a little deeper…beginning in 2005, SEACRET sold over a billion dollars in 900+ retail locations across 44 countries. You know it must be a phenomenal product with that kind of success from a kiosk in malls and airports (aka the most hostile retail environment) – arguably THE hardest way to sell anything, ever…right! Wait for response.

During that time, we partnered with one of the World’s largest and most respected manufacturers – have you heard of L’Oreal? (pause) They’re a giant…they own over 500 companies, and when they announced they were going to buy us, our CEO declined their offer because – as he puts it – this is a family business and we’re building SEACRET as a community, for the community – and it is his vision, his work ethic and his determination that gets us all fired up.

Fast forward a few years…we agreed to partner with L’Oreal, so even though they don’t own us, they manufacture our products and we are the only company with the rights to manufacture directly on the shores of the Dead Sea! It’s a pretty exciting partnership, because together, we’ve combined the best of science and nature to develop and patent some of the most advanced and clinically proven wellness technologies available.

By 2012 there was a strong shift in how consumers acquired products and services. Companies like Facebook and NETFLIX were disrupting every market and changing the face of commerce. Online virtually abolished ‘window shopping’, instead, someone snapped a pic of their lunch and all of a sudden that restaurant is a booming success. SEACRET recognized this Social Economy Revolution and transitioned into relationship marketing.

In the last few years, many retail locations have closed – flagship stores like Blockbuster (remember them?), SEARS, Barns and Noble, Blacks Photography, Radio Shack, and Toys R’ Us…sadly, I could go on and on. You know the world is changing when more than 700 McDonald’s locations have closed down.

Recently, companies like Amazon, eBay and have dominated…click-and-order has demolished the brick-and-mortar business model. Airbnb is the largest supplier of hotel rooms, yet they don’t own even a single room. Uber essentially took over the taxi industry, yet they don’t own any vehicles. The economy is changing and if you don’t keep up, you get left behind.

Today, the skin care industry represents a two-hundred-and-sixteen-billion-dollar a year business. Perhaps more impressive, is that experts project that number will soar during the next two years or so, to north of four-hundred-billion-dollars (pause) per year!! Did you know skin care was such a mammoth industry? Wait for response.

To summarize…after pivoting to relationship marketing, SEACRET has successfully launched in seven countries around the world during the last seven years…and we’re growing! Because of the healing properties, we aren’t selling skin care, but rather servicing our customers by introducing them to a relief solution for common skin concerns and becoming Servant leaders to others who want to share SEACRET as well.

When we connected the dots and put this trifecta together, we began to get excited. Then, as discovered that 62% of our workforce is men we got really excited, because that proved this is a viable Plan B (and for some a Plan A) for ALL of the people we know; equal opportunity for men and women, regardless of previous experience, geographic location, warm market or free time. This is a sidehustle we can talk to our kids about at the dinner table and we’re very proud to be redefining the market by doing things differently.

Many of our SEACRET Agents are getting paid every week, sometimes every day, by helping others share with our franchise-like-business-system! Pretty good space to be in for a sidehustle, wouldn’t you agree? Wait for response. Could you handle getting paid every day? Wait for response.

That’s why (trainee) was very excited to call you today, to see if it would be alright with you if we shared some information about this wellness project in person over the next couple of days? Wait for response. If it works for you, either now, soon, or in the future, you can help by gathering an audience either in person or online to experience some of (trainee’s) favourite products. 

Now allow me to ask – what piqued your interest the most? Supporting (trainee) by becoming a VIP Customer or hosting an experience as an Influencer to earn your products free and half price? Perhaps being supported in your own #sidehustle and becoming a SEACRET Agent? Can we get you some more information? Wait for response.

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