Prospecting Script | Initial Call STEP 3/NO

STEP 3 |Initial Call…if No

If NO:

Well (name), thank you for taking the time to chat with us today. Would it be alright with you if (trainee) keeps you posted, you know progress wise – we’re lucky to have such a team player…catching on quick and adding so much value to our SQUAD! (Trainee) will send you a link for SQUAD282 so you can follow along with the exciting things we are crossing off our bucket lists. Was there anything else from our explanation that caught your interest? Wait for response.

It would really help (trainee) if you could keep an ear open as you go about your daily life…be the friend that does the recon – here’s the low-down of what to look for:

If you hear anyone making comments like ‘Ugh, I wish I had more time, or (pause) I wish I had more money, or (pause) maybe even droning on about how badly they need a vacation or want to get back in shape.

Here’s another key to watch for, and I get this one a lot…if you run into anyone with (pause), you know (pause), hair – we’ve got a brush – the only one on the planet that detangles PAINLESSLY. Or (pause) anyone with skin (pause, just long enough to be slightly awkward)………or wrinkles……..…(pause), but seriously, our products are Paraben free, never tested on animals and contain the healing powers of The Dead Sea…so from the babies with diaper rash and the old ladies with wrinkles…them and everyone in between will be grateful when you introduce them to (trainee).

Oh yeah, and lastly just a heads up…the next time you see (trainee), you’ll most likely notice some pretty spectacular changes…so I’m letting you know in advance it’s okay to reach out and ask for more info whenever you change your mind.

Thank you again for your time (name), if I can add value to your life in any way, you can call me at 403.606.7917.

Have a happy day!!

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