[audible gasp] | MKE Year 3 Week 24

Would it be alright with you if I ask you a question? Are the peptides that tell our brains to produce collagen – our Fountain of Youth – the same peptides (or similar?) that wire our brains and determine if we associate positive or negative emotions to situations?

Is that why happy people look so young? enter [audible gasp]…

Perhaps working well under pressure is simply another way of glorifying the habit of procrastination. Actually, that’s exactly what that is…and what its not is something to be celebrated. It’s a bad habit and as Og Mandino reminds us, we are slaves to our habits.

The good news?

We can CHOOSE which habits to become slaves to!

Except that we often don’t.

Until I knew that the subconscious mind makes all the decisions, I didn’t know it was less than ideal to simply ‘go with the flow’, or that I was actually addicted to the ignorance?!

Procrastination perpetuates the addiction because thriving from the RUSH of being rushed, literally causes a chemical reaction in my brain. For me, completing tasks in a nearly-impossible time frame was a rush. And a super bad habit. One that wasn’t serving me.

Working well under pressure is simply secret code for an addiction to the peptides we repeatedly attached to feelings.

So I asked myself:

‘Jenny, what do you like so much about being backed into a corner?’

Hello…Earth to Self…

There’s Nothing to love about stress.

nOtHiNg. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

How interesting! When I consciously thought about it, I realized it was completely ridiculous…why then, have I perpetuated the habit? [read: seems stupid!] Why have I allowed my subconscious to continue the pattern? I couldn’t come up with even a single logical reason for repeatedly torturing myself – always leaving things until the last minute.

Personal Responsibility is a glorious thing

Perhaps because I failed to connect my subconscious thoughts and my conscious thoughts together…whoopsies, my bad…Stupid old dogs, new tricks reasoning.

Darn Auto-Pilot sneaking up on me again [Note to self: Quit doing that.]

Would it be alright with you if I tell you a story?

…about two years ago my adult son – Mike kinda moved out. He didn’t take his furniture, extra clothes, keepsake items – rather, he just stopped coming over on a regular basis, then stopped coming over on an irregular basis…then simply stopped coming over all together.

I had a way-too-big house, so naturally, I decided to downsize because I suddenly had one less teenager and a few less dogs to feed, pick-up after, care for and work around, trip over…you know how it goes.

Right after I got settled into my new place, photos hung and car in the garage and everything…low and behold, guess who starts showing up for dinner? Then the hockey game, then a sleep over…and then, he began saying things like ‘I’ll be HOME for supper’, which naturally led to him simply not going anywhere else to sleep. And now I’ve got a way-too-small house.

Now Mike is at my place all the time, and he has brought with him his 15-month-old German Shepard, Bennett [108lbs of tennis ball catching, rope chewing, barking power, too cool for ‘shake a paw’, instead, he’ll ‘pound-it!’] and his 9y/o Black Lab, Cadie [gentlest, sweetest dog ever…says please and thank you for ice cubes which is adorable, and has to stand pressed into you as often as possible].

[love it!]

So with my just right-sized house now being WAY too small, I knew a move was inevitable.

Rather than procrastinating, I jumped in and tackled it head first!

In the span of only 40-days, we [read: I, because, you know, teenagers are *so* busy] viewed properties, secured our new home, packed, moved and unpacked!

Today, when I read the series of tasks which have dominated my service card, I feel so proud of what I have accomplished.

Looking out the windows and watching the sun rise over the golf course, or the dogs running in the back yard, or the snow falling on the trees…my favorite though is coming home and seeing them waiting for me through the window. Seriously, my heart is so full with LOVE for Toque + Lincoln.

There is such power in ‘DO IT NOW‘.

I accomplished so much in the time that I would normally have spent planning excuses -thinking of reasons not to do it…all the while, subconsciously craving the stress and drama…revving myself up for the adrenaline rush of making it work at the last minute. Let me share with you friends, that ship has sailed!!

Reading the items I’ve completed on my service card all week [I DID IT!] brings me immense joy and satisfaction!I’ve found I’ve begun crossing tasks off my to-do list that I’ve been putting off – simply to be able to reinforce the neuro-net of accomplishment when I cross things off my to-do list early.

Me. I did that! No longer a slave to bad habits, I am getting out of my own way and stepping into all the happiness and success that is already mine…I have simply been putting up barriers that have been keeping the Universal flow of giving and receiving from my life. This madness ends now! I have celebrated these wins as I read my service card out loud – with enthusiastic delight – 3x daily.

It’s a different rush than the one felt from procrastinating then pulling off miracles, and when I reflected and compared the two feelings the difference was mind-blowing. That’s my new addiction…I am creating Jen version 2.0 and it is SO exciting!! I really like her.

The thrill of procrastination left me feeling satisfied but run-off-my-feet or made-it-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth kind of tired, versus the thrill of accomplishing tasks ahead of a deadline made me feel full of energy and vigor and a desire to do it again!

Allergic to DRAMA

Instead, during the last part of Week 3 and all of Week 4, I’ve consciously embraced change and have taken a few proactive actions [read: items on my service card] which are beginning to reinforce MY new, chosen, custom and beautiful Blueprint.

I recently wrote about identifying and acknowledging patterns in my life that are no longer serving me MKE3 | Relinquishing Control – and I’m proud to say I now know what I didn’t know, and am actively taking steps forward; making positive changes so that my life becomes [and remains!] in alignment with my Definite Major Purpose!

What are you addicted to? What have you been putting off?

Comment below…I’d love to dialogue with you!

I’m so great-ful you took the time to share your day with me!

Have a HAPPY Day.Jen

4 Replies to “[audible gasp] | MKE Year 3 Week 24”

  1. Jen 2.0? Love it, great post and fun to read. I’m told BTW that Vitamin C takes a huge role in Collagen production. Assuming those thoughts are facilitating the process.

    Liked by 1 person

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