MKE19 | Big Dreams Have More Magic

Dream big.  Small dreams have no magic.

We are the Architect of our own lives. So go ahead and dream big dreams my friends. Don’t let circumstance be the handmaiden of your future. If a 5-year old can become an Astronaut or Fire Fighter, then you can certainly become anything you want as well.

If you’re unhappy in your job…find a new one. If you hate your job and live a life of misery…and you openly (and silently) complain about how miserable you are…that’s what you’re putting out into the world. That’s the exact thing you end up attracting more of.

A job isn’t your identity, – it’s what you’re currently doing. The salary is simply the bribe they’re paying you to not pursue your dreams.

You don’t need a job, you need an income – so do what makes you happy and you’ll be amazed how much money you end up attracting – it’s a Universal Law!

If you can’t quite yet picture your dream, or feel like you don’t deserve the best and the happiest there is to be had…perhaps make a small and simple shift in your perception:

When you feel a negative thought coming on, find something else to focus on. Something seemingly meaningless…for instance, during this MKE course we are teaching our subconscious to associate shapes and colours with our most sacred desires and the thinking habits – and shifts – necessary to become self- directed thinkers and reclaim the throne in our own lives.

My shape quickly became a circle. So I did a little experiment at home…in a large vase in the kitchen, I started collecting every circular thing smaller than the palm of my hand that would have otherwise been destined for the recycling bin. The sheer amount of circular objects that pass through my kitchen on a daily/weekly/monthly basis was astonishing…beer or pop cans, salsa jar lids, K-cups, salad dressing lids…each time I grab one, I remind myself one thing I’m grateful for something toss it in the vase.

There’s no time to be negative and feel sort for myself…I’m too busy showing gratitude and appreciation for all the good things in my life and in turn, as promised, and without fail, the Universe is showering me with all kinds of favor!

It all begins and ends in your own mind. Guard it like a fortress.

Dream Big Plan Well Work Hard Smile Always.jpg

I believe we are put on this planet to accomplish our life’s purpose, and I happen to think that LOVE is a critical component to us finding that destined path. Love is the illuminator. Give up the struggle and the pain will cease. When you clear your head from the negativity you make room to breathe again, to think…to dream!

Remember this…you’ll never get what you want – you’ll only ever get what you can picture.

Put yourself first!

Think happy thoughts.

Stop thinking. Start feeling.


Jen 🙂

3 Replies to “MKE19 | Big Dreams Have More Magic”

  1. Truer words were never spoken. Great message Jen.

    “To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine the brightest” Napoleon Hill

    Dream Big and be loyal to your path.

    Love in the Corners, for that is where darkness hides.

    Be a Star. Let your magic shine Jen !!

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